Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Long creamy winter socks

I wanted to write more about the long socks I made last week, but happened that a day after I finished the pair, they were already sold. Probably a Christmas gift to someones wife or girlfriend :)
The plan was to make better photos before blogging, but now they're already on their way to US. 

I'm not a fan os sock-knitting, especially long socks. But I had a perfect wool for making them and I wanted to prove myself that I'm patient enough for completing both socks.

I have about about six or seven lonely knitted socks (and four mittens) in my craft basket, because somehow I lost motivation to make the second one. It was more fun to start new projects rather than doing the same thing twice.

The pattern is my own, a mix of previous designs. I probably make another pair (purple!), but a little different: less lacy, more cables.
Yarn: 100% wool, about 100 grams
Needles: 3,5mm bamboo
Length: 43cm

Next week I'll be in South-Italy, Bari. Already found an address of local yarn shop, would like to take my knitting needles with me (hours long waiting in airports), but it's mission impossible. The airport security always take them away as very dangerous whepon :) So I won't even bother this time...