Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Long creamy winter socks

I wanted to write more about the long socks I made last week, but happened that a day after I finished the pair, they were already sold. Probably a Christmas gift to someones wife or girlfriend :)
The plan was to make better photos before blogging, but now they're already on their way to US. 

I'm not a fan os sock-knitting, especially long socks. But I had a perfect wool for making them and I wanted to prove myself that I'm patient enough for completing both socks.

I have about about six or seven lonely knitted socks (and four mittens) in my craft basket, because somehow I lost motivation to make the second one. It was more fun to start new projects rather than doing the same thing twice.

The pattern is my own, a mix of previous designs. I probably make another pair (purple!), but a little different: less lacy, more cables.
Yarn: 100% wool, about 100 grams
Needles: 3,5mm bamboo
Length: 43cm

Next week I'll be in South-Italy, Bari. Already found an address of local yarn shop, would like to take my knitting needles with me (hours long waiting in airports), but it's mission impossible. The airport security always take them away as very dangerous whepon :) So I won't even bother this time...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Moodboard: Purple

My mood is made by fleurfatale, wearaddiction, milloo and mysticfibers from Etsy European Street Team.

Let's face it: purple is a hot color at the moment. It wasn't one of my favorites until this summer, but then I discovered different shades of purple and find it very rich and ambitious color. If you haven't fell in love with purple, you should try: sometimes things surprise and you can find a cool new favorite.

More moodboards on FleurFatale's blog.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday moodboard: fairy tale

My fairytale is made by fleurfatale, lapomme, star of the east and PamelaAngus.

"If you see the the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future."

Here's a good article about fairy tales in modern advertising campaigns.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Moodboard : Intimate

you make me so... by BlackWhitePrint 
tea and honey by honeyandjamphotos
purple passion amethyst by HighDesertDesign
autumn harvest incense cones by kimberquinn

The best things are those that
Have no words to describe them.... 

Last night was intimate and I've been feeling like this all day. Nothing else but someone important to me, a cup of hot peppermint tea and long talk beside the kitchen table. Glance, feelings, thoughts, discoveries.
I'm not in love, but he's someone I feel good with.
We all need a special person who's with us on the right moment and understands us even if we say nothing. Who holds hand and feels so secure.
I am an independent woman. I can change light-bulbs myself, I know how to hang wallpaper and I'm strong enough to carry my shopping bags to 3rd floor.
But there's one thing that can't be done all alone. It's a hug. It's the feeling when someone holds you, gives a small kiss to your forehead and says the world is full of surprises.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling sad? Feeling creative?

I love getting mail, that's why I keep buying online.

Mum called today and said I have a parcel from Belgium. I knew immediately that postcards I ordered from Art have arrived.
They're even more pretty than I expected. So minimal, but very deep and full of emotions.

I keep repeating it, but Art is one of the best examples of crafts, product improvement and marketing.
First she stared on Etsy with felt necklaces, at least that's what I remember. Then came the totally fabulous 99 feelings project (see the 99 photos here, or watch the film) and I wish I could have all of them!
I'm so happy that she also made 99 feelings postcards and little copies of the big products, so everyone could have at least one special feeling.

Misty knows exactly how to make people happy. From communication to packaging, everything is perfect.
If you read tutorials from her blog, you understand how less you need for being creative.

All our EST friends already know her and can assure that all my words are true, but in case you haven't met Misty yet, go and find her on the web:

The blog
The site
The shop

I wanted to keep this post for the morning, but couldn't resist blogging now!

Monday moodboard

1) Rick Poppy Red Dupioni Raw Silk Wrap by bonzie
2) Spring Bracelet no86 by byMarianneS
3) Dasha Fascinator by PinMeUpCouture
4) Love is 2Maroon SL by cocoricooo

My moodboard could be red every day as I just like this color so much. It's one of the Cristmas colors too, so can't hurt to post it now, right?

See more moodboards (I wonder why I always want to write moonboard?) on fleurfatale's blog.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More dresses from Flickr

1. Vintage Red VOGUE knit dress, 2. Vogue Knit.1 dress, 3. 60s navy knit mod striped dress, 4. long grey sweater dress, 5. gray knitted dress with pattern of flowers, 6. Yellow dresses for Veronika & Kamila, 7. Summer Knit Dress - French Connection, 8. knitted dress, 9. knitted dress

Here are some more dresses from Flickr users.

I don't have my own works to show, but I'm starting to get along with knitting again...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flickr favorites: Sunday morning green

Computer and I are not friends. I just discovered how to make Flickr mosaics, although everyone else knows it.

Here's my first, inspired by green.

1. fresh green, 2. "Strong coffee", 3. Has the cat got your tongue ?, 4. forrest lane, 5. Tiramisu Galore, 6. High Fashion in Green 2, 7. Matrix: Stay off the freeway, 8. Musical Chairs, 9. Poison

Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you have a sock? Then make a monkey!

When I joined Etsy 2 years ago and saw first time in my life sock moneys, they seemed so weird. They still do, but in a very cute way :)

Anyway, some days ago I made a search and discovered that the sock monkey is a lot more than just a toy. It has a history! And very long one... Wikipedia has a long story about it.

In European Street Team we have our own sock monkey maker Strumpfkunst from Germany.I borrowed the photo from her, hoe Strump doesn't mind :) She does make more cute sock animals that you can find from her shop or from her blog.

Of course you can try to make your own sock monkey, but if you have so less experienced like me, maybe it's smarter to buy the first one.
I've never seen in Estonia original sock monkey socks with the red heel, but it's probably possible to get them from other European countries. And in US it defenitely is no problem!

Youtube has a lot of video tutorials about making a monkey and making the right cuts.
For example:
How to make leg cuts
How to cut monkey arms
How to cut snout

I admit I've been very conservative artist and I don't experiment much with different materials and styles. I love knitting and crocheting, even sewing a bit, but that's all.
But as a mother to 3 year old boy I need to stay creative and learn new things too. Maybe sometime in the future you will see my first sock monkey that won't look as great as Strump's for sure!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My newborn niece new photos

They're finally home from the hospital and the small girl is even cuter. And look at the hair! So long and dark.
We visited my brother's family today and the baby was still sleeping most of the time. And she is much more tinier than Oliver was- weights only 3000 grams.

Every time I see a baby like this I wish I had one too.
They got the dress from last post also and my sister-in-law likes it. It's too big at the moment, but should be perfect for upcoming summer.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest projects

The dress is made for my newborn niece. Her 4 year old sister already has one similar to this from past summer.
I would like to make more of the dresses for selling also. Do you think it's a good idea and what kind of colors combination would you like?
I'm thinking of yellow/green, pink/green, but I'm ready to try more.

The shrug is not a new thing. It was finished some months ago, now I just have a cute photo I wanted to share with you :)

You have seen similar tops in my blog before too, but this is a bit different.
The story is funny too. I went to local yarn shop and bought the cotton yarns for this project. 5 balls, because it's usually enough and if I need more, I can always go and get it.
I was choosing the color very carefully, but after I had knitted half of the top, I discovered that the colors are totally different! 2 balls were light beige and 3 balls light brown. I didn't see it in the shop.
First I wanted to unravel it, but I think 2 colors looks maybe even more interesting than one? I had to change the border pattern too, so it would make sense in different shades.

Now I'm dreaming of a dress with similar pattern...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Smallest and cutest :)

Look what we have!
This is my brother's newborn daughter, less than 2 days old cute girl. We visited them in the hospital, little one is sleeping most of the time.
All our children have long dark hair when they born, so this cutie is definitely ours :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Something sweet

My real job, being a journalist and half-time photographer, takes me to different interesting places.
Today I visited a school where children are making marzipan figures. It's amazing how many cute and beautiful things can be made this way. I'm not sure I have enough talent for creating something like this myself, but after half and hour with second grade students I'm willing to try.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Creative Estonia: Kihnu island

Photographer Urmas Luik, Original photo location

Kihnu is a small Estonian island situated not far from the place I live. Its population is approximately 500 and there are only 4 villages.

What makes the place so unique is their old culture and traditions kept alive for centuries. It’s a place where women wear folk costumes daily, people often sing folk songs while walking and unique handicraft is highly honored. The main attraction is the island itself, with scenery, people and way of life.

The men of the Kihnu community have taken to sea to hunt seals and fish, while the women have remained on the islands to farm and to maintain the household. Kihnu women thus have become the principal custodians of the cultural traditions embodied in numerous songs, games, dances, wedding ceremonies and handicrafts.

The most visible emblem of Kihnu culture remains the woolen handicrafts worn by the women of the community. Working in their homes using traditional looms and local wool, the women weave and knit mittens, stockings, skirts and blouses, which often feature bright colors, vivid stripes and intricate embroidery. Many of the symbolic forms and colors adorning these striking garments are rooted in ancient legends.

Original photo location

Kihnu island is a part of UNESCO Intangible Heritage Lists.

I believe their handicrafts makes everyone jealous. Not many people can knit like women living in Kihnu. Enjoy the photos and search more from Google if interested!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Color therapy: green

I'm starting new series about colors and feature some of my favorite products on Etsy too.
Spring is coming and everything turns green around us. It's one of my favorite colors at the moment with it's thousands of different shades.

The word green is closely related to the Old English verb growan, 'to grow'. It is used to describe plants or the ocean.

Green is the color of the heart chakra. Green is the color of nature. Green is the most predominant color on the planet. It balances our energies, and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion.
It represents purity and harmony. It has a calming effect, especially in inflamed conditions of the body. It is soothing to the nervous system. It is a great healer. It builds muscles, bones and other tissue cells. Its complement is magenta.

Featuring baby items this time is not coincidental. My brother and her wife are expecting their third child who will be with us in next few weeks :) And.... She is a girl!

nellybeanco, DebiBirkinDesigns, GraciousMary, littledaisydesigns, daisybows, RaspberryBaby, beeskneestudio, handmadebyjules, ahyingmui.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shop Loca @Etsy: Europe

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Knits 2009: IN or OUT?

The world's best designers are prepared for fall 2009 and presented their ready-to-wear collections at Paris and Milan Fashion Week.
Bad news is that most of them don't have any knits, so knits seems to be OUT this fall! Wear something else, if you wish to be fashionable!
Chanel has pink and green cardigans and those funky knitted hats! And Chanel is always IN! Here are some examples from Chanel fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection!