Saturday, June 26, 2010

International Hanseatic Days

International Hanseatic is the biggest event that Pärnu (Estonia) is hosted in last 20 years.
450 sellers on craft market, 4 days filled with culture events, more than 80 delegations from other countries and estimated 100 000 visitors in total.

The symbol of hanseatic days is red apple and entire city is filled with them. Simple, but cute, isn't it?

I've been selling on market yesterday and today. Tomorrow is the grande finale, which means that event is over. We prepared for this for months and then it just ends. A bit sad, because at the moment the city is filled with people and positive energy, but after tomorrow everything will be same again.
Market is nice, but we're not doing very well. I've sold some stuff, but not as much as I expected. Most people I've talked with say the same - people are looking, but not buying. Is it about economy? It should be better now, if to believe news.
Anyway, I'll do my best tomorrow and hope it won't be so slow. Next big craft event is in Pärnu on 14-15th of August and we plan to take part again.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The big event is here!

Dear friends,
I just came from opening ceremony of International Hanseatic Days.
This is the biggest event in last 15 years in Pärnu. 4 days of folk culture, handmade market, people around Europe and much much more!
As Pärnu is a city between river and sea, the opening ceremony was related to water. Thousands of people came to see it and the feeling was rather great! I like the big red apples all around the city, which you can see on the official web page. They're bigger than I am. Photos coming soon, I promise.

Tomorrow the market starts. I still have things to finish, but most products are labeled, packed and ready to go! Here are a little hint about what we're offering:

Only bad thing is that I broke two toes today. Yes, it's bad, the bone is broken and I can't walk much.
It was kind of silly accident, I ran to the sofa while I was finishing stuff here and hurt them pretty badly. And of course, two people on the opening ceremony had to step on my foot too :)
But no worries, I'm a tough girl, I can handle it.

After the big event is over, I'll start working on pre-Christmas items. Every year october-november has been crazy and this time I hope to be more prepared. Plus I have some designs to do for magazines.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Share your gorgeous postcards!

Hi dear friends!

I know that a lot of you have already received your postcards. So do I.
Florigamigirl made a real surprise to me.
I was expectind a post card, but I got two! I adore her little fabric flowers with button hearts since I visited her shop for first time. Now I have one of my own in my card, with wonderful positive message "peace, love, creativity".
But there was another, very special French postcard (left side on the photo). With real stamp where it's not possible to read the date posted, but Flori wrote it should be from 1910-1920. Signed from Marie to Emile.

I'm curious to know more about it, maybe Flori can explain does she know the story behind this card. I'm trying to find someone who can help to find out when it was sent (maybe the stamp helps?).
Big hugs to Flori and all others who participated!
I hope you all got a new friend and it's not last time when you surprise her with card, because it's always fun to get something by mail.
Don't forget to share your blog posts!