Thursday, April 18, 2013


Confusion about website is now over and the blog has moved back some time ago.
I was just browsing some old photos here, when I discovered how many followers this blog had.
You are all welcome to new site!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pattern sale!


I´m back from my China-Laos-Cambodia trip. It was a great fun, although I didn´t find much yarn to buy which I secretly hoped.
There was a lot of knitters in China and one street had at least 8 yarn shop, but sadly they sell only cheap acrylics in bags of 10 balls.

But I have news for you. Madli mittens that I introduced on my last post, are currently 50% discounted on Ravelry - only USD 2 per pattern.

As you may know, I study to be a railway engineer and I wish to start new, 6-week 3D modeling course with SolidEdge modeling software next week. I have to raise funds, because you can´t imagine how expensive that kind of courses may be... So every $$$ I earn will help me to get there, hopefully....

I also included my Romantic Lace Gloves to this sale. They are also 50% discounted and can be downloaded for $2.

This offer is valid until February 24th.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

MADLI Fair Isle mittens

Happy New Year, Happy New Year! 

I finally finished & published my latest pattern, MADLI Fair Isle mittens. They are designed especially for small hands, because every time I tried to knit someone else's Stranded mittens pattern, they turned out too big to me. 
I used Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply yarn and 2.5mm needles.
This was my first time to chart pattern with two colors and I really enjoyed it! It was so much fun to play around Excel and see what looks the best. Now I'm already thinking of new, different pairs to make. 

In less then 3 weeks I'm having a vacation in Cambodia, so I probably won't be posting much here. But I wish you all a wonderful new year :)