Monday, November 26, 2012

My favorite Local Yarn Shop

I had an opportunity to take some photos in my favorite local yarn store. Imagine how it would be to have such a stash at home? :)
I really like that they do great work and sell some hard to find and more exclusive brands here, like Lotus Yarns (especially cashmere!), Malabrigo and Fyberspates.

And you can always just hop in, read knitting magazines or knit on this super soft sofa. They also organize different workshops and knitting events, where I haven't had time to participate yet...

If you happen to visit Pärnu, then this yarn store is located in Ringi street, close to bus station. They also have a Facebook page, search for Käsitööait OÜ.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exclusive cashmere gloves

I bought some exclusive Lotus Yarns 100% cashmere last week, just to try if cashmere is really that good as some people are saying.
I knit this pair in two weeks, simply because I got addicted to this yarn! Seriously, if I had a lot of money, I would never buy anything else but cashmere. It is one of the softest things I have ever seen.
Fancy yarn needs fancy approach, so I used some high quality shiny beads and ribbon to decorate them.

Pattern I used is the same I use for my romantic fingerless gloves, only this time it seemed more appropriate to knit the gloves with fingers.

I already ordered some new cashmere from Ebay and can't wait to receive it.