Sunday, March 15, 2009

Knits 2009: IN or OUT?

The world's best designers are prepared for fall 2009 and presented their ready-to-wear collections at Paris and Milan Fashion Week.
Bad news is that most of them don't have any knits, so knits seems to be OUT this fall! Wear something else, if you wish to be fashionable!
Chanel has pink and green cardigans and those funky knitted hats! And Chanel is always IN! Here are some examples from Chanel fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection!


creationsbyeve said...

Ohh these are gorgeous!!!!!welcome back!!!we missed you!!!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I have many opinions... and one is that if it feels inside that it's your style, it's probably stylish *for you.*

The hats *are* fun but I wear berets (which never go out of style if you ask me). I'm glad there is knitting of any kind out there, though. Go, Chanel!

There are always great things on the runway. Also, there are (and should be) things blown up in such proportion as to be only runway art and not true garments (as defined by "wearable by someone not a model").

I'm honored to be listed in your sidebar... thanks.

Take care!

LynnH in Lansing, MI, USA

A. said...

Hi Lynn!

You're so right! There are many great findings on a runaway, but most important is to feel your own style and match different things like they're made personally for you.

Chrisy said...

Well good design is always in fashion isn't it...and from looking at a few of your previous knitted pieces I think yours are definitely in fashion...

Myy said...

Ootasin ammu juba Sinu uut postitust, sest iga su post on nii huvitav ja samas lõbus, ühesõnaga on seal kõike! :):)

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