Thursday, April 29, 2010

Creative Estonia : innovation in Villatee blog

I don't know where I've been living, but I found this very inspiring Estonian blog just today and fell in love. Please visit Villatee even if you can't read Estonian, because photos are worth to visit.

Sometimes I'm sad that I have a full time job in newspapers. Why? Because unemplyed people can participate in the project that helps them to start working in crafts. I've heard a lot of positive comments about the course and a lot of people from their group have made real innovation in traditional crafts.

Heli from Villatee is one of them. She took regular Internet data cables and covered them with traditional Estonian national dress patterns. See how cute they look now!

Sometimes I don't understand where people take that kind of ideas? Yes, I can knit, I learned it from my mother years ago and I'm thankful for the basic knowledge I got from her, but there are times when I feel that I have a lack of creativity and imagination.
Once in a while I think I should recycle more and use old things for making something new, but then I hit the wall again: fine, I have some old sweaters, but what to do with them? Maybe I'm just pushed too much into stereotypes? Maybe I afraid too much that the result is not good? Maybe I should just try, even if the result is not the best at first?

Don't worry, most days I'm happy. Today I'm happy too. I like what I create. But somedays I feel that I was somewhere far away when great fantasy were spread around the world :)


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