Monday, April 28, 2008

Good evening (it's 21.30 pm here and some minutes more)!

You have seen Victoria's Secret and Sonia Rykiel on my blog, but today I would like to prove that I can knit too. At least a little :))))

I finished another children's summer dress and those who have read my Estonian blog, know that it looks almost like the first with pink and green colors.
Well, the result is ok, but I'm not completely satisfied.
The top part could be a little bit shorter and green part longer, but maybe I'm just a stickler? Anyway, I will correct the mistakes. I already started third dress and I won't let it go before I can sleep calmly at night again.

I also plan to write down the pattern someday.
I used 3.5 mm bamboo and circular needles and Steinbach Wolle Capri yarn, about 150 grams.
Capri is great for knitting, but too rough for crocheting.
It took 3 days to finish the dress and I can guarantee that it isn't last one. I'm bull-headed and I won't stop before everything is perfect.


Star of the East said...

This is a very cute dress!!

panyizsuzsi said...


Kreativlink said...

Nothing wrong with beeing bull-headed btw. I'm too :)

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