Sunday, April 27, 2008

Queen of knits- Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel (77) is French designer.

Photo: Sonia and her daughter Nathalie.

When Sonia was young, she didn't want to become a designer and she have said that it happened accidentally.

In 1962 when Sonia was pregnant, she couldn't find any comfortable sweaters to wear. So she designer her own (Sonia's husband owned a fashion boutique too)- first maternity dress and then tiny sweater. Sweater became popular and Sonia started to sell it on her husbands shop. Soon it was featured on the cover of Elle fashion magazine.

Thanks to this first creation (Sonia called it the Poor boy Sweater) she was crowned as "Queen of knits" by US press in 1967.

Since then Sonia has done well. In 1968 she opened her boutique in Paris and proved that knitwear can follow the trends.

Today, her label encompasses lingerie, accessories, children's clothing and menswear, and beauty.

It is still a family-owned business, her daughter Nathalie is company's creative director. They have opened the boutiques in US and both mother and daughter have dedicated to bringing Paris to New York.


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