Friday, April 25, 2008

Stars of the East

Esther and Estella moved to Turkey 10 years ago. They live in green resort city called Marmaris and find most of their materials and inspiration from the fantastic nature.

If you ask Esther who they are by nationality, then she says that it’s easier to ask who they are not. Esther and Estella aren’t Turks, because they mover there in 1997 from the Netherlands and they have no family ties there.

And even if they both have Dutch passports, they don’t consider themselves 100% Dutch either. Esther grew up in Spain, but Estella doesn’t know much about this country and doesn’t speak any Spanish.
“Who we are… Two rolling stones with eclectic roots,” said Esther.

But they have never regretted the moving- country is beautiful and life is cheap, although the culture shock was enormous at first.

Mother and daughter make fantastic accessories and they find the inspiration in everything that Turkey offers- the Ottoman art, nature, the traditional needle crafts.

Turkey is often seen as a third world country in European eyes, and certainly in many aspects, it is, but the arts nowadays are at a level many times higher than, for instance, the Netherlands,” said Esther. „In many branches, many artists are making incredible things, with roots in a century old tradition, but with totally new input.”

They have sold their line for 3 years, last 6 months also on Etsy. Esther admitted that they have done really good only last couple of months. The turning point was a combination of two factors: better pictures and the introduction of the sea urchin collection.

In sea urchins they have found their niche. „But in every case, you have to realize that people can buy jewelry and other stuff, on a million places, on line or not. Nobody is waiting for a newbie,” knows Esther. Still, there is a place for anyone with a well made product. It takes commitment. And time. We wish every artist success and happiness!”

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