Thursday, June 24, 2010

The big event is here!

Dear friends,
I just came from opening ceremony of International Hanseatic Days.
This is the biggest event in last 15 years in Pärnu. 4 days of folk culture, handmade market, people around Europe and much much more!
As Pärnu is a city between river and sea, the opening ceremony was related to water. Thousands of people came to see it and the feeling was rather great! I like the big red apples all around the city, which you can see on the official web page. They're bigger than I am. Photos coming soon, I promise.

Tomorrow the market starts. I still have things to finish, but most products are labeled, packed and ready to go! Here are a little hint about what we're offering:

Only bad thing is that I broke two toes today. Yes, it's bad, the bone is broken and I can't walk much.
It was kind of silly accident, I ran to the sofa while I was finishing stuff here and hurt them pretty badly. And of course, two people on the opening ceremony had to step on my foot too :)
But no worries, I'm a tough girl, I can handle it.

After the big event is over, I'll start working on pre-Christmas items. Every year october-november has been crazy and this time I hope to be more prepared. Plus I have some designs to do for magazines.


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