Friday, June 4, 2010

Share your gorgeous postcards!

Hi dear friends!

I know that a lot of you have already received your postcards. So do I.
Florigamigirl made a real surprise to me.
I was expectind a post card, but I got two! I adore her little fabric flowers with button hearts since I visited her shop for first time. Now I have one of my own in my card, with wonderful positive message "peace, love, creativity".
But there was another, very special French postcard (left side on the photo). With real stamp where it's not possible to read the date posted, but Flori wrote it should be from 1910-1920. Signed from Marie to Emile.

I'm curious to know more about it, maybe Flori can explain does she know the story behind this card. I'm trying to find someone who can help to find out when it was sent (maybe the stamp helps?).
Big hugs to Flori and all others who participated!
I hope you all got a new friend and it's not last time when you surprise her with card, because it's always fun to get something by mail.
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happyment said...

Thank you for starting this! xoxo

Helmitarha said...

You did a great job, Ann! xo

Missus D said...

that looks really nice! Sweet!

LeelaBijou said...

So pretty!! What a nice idea, I wish I knew before...Well, maybe next time :)

Lucie said...

That was a great idea Ann! Thanks a lot!

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