Monday, August 30, 2010

5 years together

Five years ago little cute boy was born. He's name is Oliver:
We've had some fun events over the years. For example, Christmas with Santa Claus and a lot of presents:

He has surprised his mom for countless times. Like when he stood up first time himself:

Or learned how to eat apple:

We've enjoyed winter activities so much that mom had to carry him to fifth floor on a sledge, because little  guy got tired:

We've discovered nature together:

And had fun photoshoots every summer:

Sometimes it's not so joyful. Like when little Oliver is sick:

But hard times pass quickly and in five years he has made a lot of friends:

Of course, it's not only about playing with mates. There has been hard work also, when he had to model for his mom's handmade hats (because salary was good):

Suddenly I discovered how time flies and the baby is not so small any more:

We've been together for 5 years.
I wasn't ready to became a mother, but I've enjoyed every second of it. I love him. 


Star of the East said...

Happy birthday, Oliver and mum of course!
Such a sweet post :)

Kreativlink said...

So sweet!! :) Happy birthday Oliver!

gr8jewellery said...

What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday Oliver! :)

zsazsazsu said...

This is definitly the love of you life !!!
Happy birthday to your sweetheart !

ingermaaike said...

Happy birthday sweet Oliver! Many more happy years to come and I give you a smile for every day :)

Anonymous said...

Aw what a sweet post - Happy Birthday Oliver :)

ira said...

Oh... Happy Birthday Oliver, how sweet you are and I can see how lucky your mum is to having you beside her:)

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