Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creative Estonia: Portel iPad sleeves

Portel is a fresh Estonian company, making sleeves for Apple products. They sell the designs on Etsy and have been featured in various blogs and magazines, including Estonian trading magazine “Life in Estonia”.

People may wonder what is the secret of their success, but I believe it’s not so hard to figure it out.
Their shop announcement formulates it clearly: “We want to keep it simple. We try to design our products so that they would have high functionality, not forgetting elegance and beauty.”

I found Portel several weeks ago when I searched for laptop sleeve for my new HP Mini Vivienne Tam notebook.
I truly believe that “less is more” and simplicity has its charm.

Estonian trading magazine writes:
“At the same time that Jobs was planning to present the first iPad in the USA; the folks at Seene Koda (Mushroom Chamber, a farm located close to Estonian capital of Tallinn) were looking for a way to link the useful and the pleasant. As soon as the measurements of the iPad were made public, the first Portel product was created.
So the first iPad sleeves made by Portel were sold online, even before the iPad itself made onto the market.”

I’m sure that this kind of mentality is a key element of their growing popularity - Portel was there right in the beginning and predicted what market needs.

Website www.greekosystem.com has claimed their sleeve to be the best of its kind.  And I believe they deserve it.

Portel uses 100% natural materials and as most people in handmade business, they work without looking at the watch or what day of the week it is.

Portel shop
Facebook fan page


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