Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekly reading list

I'm going to publish every Thursday a weekly reading list, for sharing the best blogposts, articles and other material found online.
Those are things that inspire me and may help you too.
I try to keep it balanced and feature content from different aspects, like business, marketing, personal growth, time planning, freelance life and so on.

If you have anything to share, you're welcome to post it to the comments, and I will add it to original post!

So here are first features I read this week:

How big brands employ social media marketing
Interview with Andy Sernovitz, founder of the Social Media Business Council. He’s talking about word-of-mouth marketing and big companies’ social media marketing experiences.

When You Need To Reinvent The Wheel, Build A Hover Car
Advice how to become a better blogger.

How to create a mind map to get more done and take action faster

And last but not least, something with a bit funnier title
How not to get old, jealous bitter once you are famous


evihan said...

wowww Anna this is great idea...thanx for sharinggggg

Ann said...

Well, I can't give smart info myself, but I can share others :))

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