Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lacy elegant capelet

I've never knitted a capelet like this before, but I'm satisfied with the result!
It's made from super soft Egyptian cotton yarn (150g) and I used a lace pattern from one Novita magazine, but in general the design is made by myself.
Usually it takes for a while to come out with new design, but this time it took only one evening to finish it! No wrong calculations, the yarn was perfect for the project and it was a pleasure to knit it.
Capelet is listed in my Etsy shop.
Better photos hopefully coming next week, when my model is back in the city! Just couldn't wait to show it.


Ravenhill said...

Oh, I adore lace and this turned out so pretty! Fit for a princess!
emily xo

Michelle said...


LeelaBijou said...

Super pretty!

Two Trolls said...

Beautiful! It's so nice when a new idea works out like that :-)


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