Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's happening here?

I was happy in August that I’m fine after my wakeboarding accident. Now I must admit I made this conclusion too quickly.
I still have problems with my neck, which is not working correctly. I can’t turn my head to right side, because it just won’t move.
I hoped it will pass by itself, but nothing changed in last 2 weeks and today I’m going to visit chiropractor.

It’s the main reason why I decided to skip this running season. First competition was on Sunday and although I participated, I got the worst result ever, because my head just started to ache under the pressure and I wasn’t able to outpace my last year’s time.
Next race is this Sunday, but I’m not going. It makes me sad, because most of my friends are active runners and I get excited when I see them training and taking part in different events. All I can do is to stand next to the track and help them to reach their goals.
But I know I must make this sacrifice if I still want to run a marathon next year.
Wakeboarding season is also over for me. Next ywar again!
All I can do at the moment is indoor rowing and visiting gym.


Oliver’s birthday went very well.
We had firefighters party on Saturday. First all children and their parents visited local firefighters department and later they plays in children’s playroom for 3 hours.
I made a huge cake, which no one almost tasted. Kids were busy playing and adult were on a diet, I assume :)


I will take a week off in late October and travel somewhere outside Estonia. Not sure where I end up, but the plan is to grab my back bag and just go. To Russia maybe? I haven’t been there yet. Or a round trip in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.
I’ve visited all of them before, but there are places where I’d like to go back.


Sock collection is still in progress. Six more pairs to do!


happyment said...

I have the same little dilemma with traveling - visiting something new or going to places that have already robbed my heart :)

Firefighters party sounds great.

Healing vibes to you! Take care of yourself!

Rita alias alatvian said...

I'm sorry to hear you still feel aftereffects from your accident and have to skip this running season. (((hugs)))

Have fun traveling!

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