Wednesday, May 5, 2010

European postcard swap “Positive thinking”

We all love to get postcards, don’t we?  Then let’s make a swap!

The idea of positive thinking postcard swap is simple- to make someone else happy by sending handmade postcard with wonderful wishes.

How it’s working?

First let me know that you want to participate- e-mail me your post address to Do it by May 16th. Please also add your Etsy username, if possible!

I’ll find you a swap partner and e-mail his/hers address by May 20th.

Now it’s time to make a postcard! Use your creativity and imagination. There are no limitations for the size or technique used.
Add some positive thoughts or wonderful wishes. Feel free to come up with something your own or use help of famous quotes.

After you’re done, it’s time to post it! Please do it on May 28th latest.

Please let me know if you received your postcard! I’m sure it won’t happen, but if something gets lost, we can organize another positive postcard and no one will be left with empty mailbox.

Who can participate?

This swap is mostly meant for Etsy European Street Team members, but if anyone else from Europe would like to participate, it’s fine too! We are friendly :)
For sharing the wishes and cards you received, please blog about it! I’ll organize a link box where we can gather all blog posts.

Have questions?
Contact me by e-mail
Or simply leave a comment!

Viltalakim pointed out the right thing: please, add a real stamp to your postcard instead of bar code, if possible! It looks much nicer on a postcard :)

Photo by European Street Team member matilou.


Vilt à la Kim said...

what a niec idea, count me in!

Nancy van den Boom said...

count me in!

Omnia said...

I'm in, for sure! Lovely idea :) xxx

kulta-kulta said...

I'm in! ;)

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