Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's make friends :)

I have been running this blog for years but I just realized you don't know much about me besides knitting, right?
So please, let me be a bit selfish today and write about myself.
I always enjoy features and interviews with creative people, it's nice to know who are behind the usernames I've used to see in forums.
I promise, I'll keep it short :) You already know my passion about knitting and I'll skip this step.

* My name is Anniki, but most friends call me just Ann.
* I work as a journalist. My prime employer is a regional newspaper, but I work for international event magazine too and once in a while I pack my luggage and fly to report from different countries mainly in Europe, but sometimes from Asia too. No one has asked us to come to US, sad :)
* I love running. It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. My goal is to participate in a marathon someday. Yep, 42 kilometers! First I had to do it this autumn, but I'm not in a best shape at the moment and next few months will show if I'll do it now or next year. If I don't run, I do indoor rowing.
* Besides running myself, I organize running events. At the moment I'm busy with preparing two running summer camps.
* I love baking. Bread, cakes, pies - just name it and I can make it for you! Tortillas and pasta is my second obsession, if it comes to cooking.
* I'm passionate about motorbikes. I don't own one myself, but I have friends who do :)
* Sometimes I spend my weekends at nightclubs, shooting photos for websites. Photography is my biggest hobby.
* I recycle and I'm a fan of green living.
* I love handmade clothes, bags and accessories. I can browse Etsy for hours :)

And last but not least- I have adorable son, almost 5 years old. He plays football and is addicted to computer games, although I don't let him to play much.

Please, write some lines about yourself too :) I would be happy to know more of people who are reading here!


Dina Fragola said...

Hi Anniki! I am Nathalie from Belgium! Thanks for sharing. Huh, and can I have your job? ;)

Ann said...

Dina, it's not as attractive job as it sounds. Flying around doesn't mean seeing much: a lot of those trips are on a route airpot-hotel-conferce center and not much more...

ira said...

Nice to know more about you Ann!:)

kulta-kulta said...

Nice to meet you, Ann! I'm Jana from Finland (and sometimes Latvia) =))) You make wonderful things! Love handmade!

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