Monday, May 10, 2010

Pimp up your item photos

I just read Mouse's post about how to get Etsy sales you want and got a lot of inspiration for improving my store.

Woolmint is a brand new shop, but I've been on Etsy for at least two years and I believe I have some experience, although I still have a lot to learn.

Last year my biggest goal was making eye-catching photos. If you create tiny items, it’s not such a problem, but with knits it can be rather hard to make it stand out.
Biggest thing I learned was that you don’t have to show whole product on your thumbnail photo.
But I did it for a long time.

Great example is my neck warmers. I used a mannequin for photographing them. Here's the first photo I made:

 The photo is fine, you see what you’ll get, but for reaching next level (which was getting featured in treasuries, blogs, etc) it didn’t work. Looks kind of boring, right?

So I took a neck warmer, curled it up, added some pearls, used two lamps (I took them off from wall for turning them on the way I needed) for getting good light and made a photo that features only one edge of the neck warmer.

After using it as a thumbnail photo I got more views, features and sales. I sold around 20 neck warmers before Christmas and people wanted to order more, but I just didn’t have enough time for all custom orders.

Second thing I learned was getting out from home. Natural light works best for me, if it’s not too sunny or too cloudy day.

There are so many inspiring things outside – old benches, historical buildings, green grass and blue sky. Find what’s perfect for you and make it work.
I live in apartment, I don’t have my own garden, but I often took a bag of fingerless gloves and found a place where to photograph them. Sometimes it was funny to sit on a bench and make photos of my own hand (when I didn’t have a model to use), people walking by and thinking what you’re doing. But it pays off!
Before and after:

I know people have different opinions for using real models for photographing clothing.
I’m in favor of using a model for my knits. I do have a mannequin, but if people are buying with their, eyes, they usually want to see how the garment keeps shape and so on. And for me it’s better to improve my designs if a real person is wearing it, I see details, their weak and strong sides.

I’ve never had a problem with it. I’m sure there are people who won’t buy from me because of it, but no one ever told anything about it. And I’ve sold most of my knits.
Also, my items intend to get more on the treasuries (and to FB) if they are photographed like this.
Before and after:

I know I still have a lot of work to do for getting great images. Sometimes it's hard to find time, but lets be hones: if you don't invest your skills and time into your shop, it will never pay your bills.


SoleDeVita said...

Thanks a lot! This was very helpful!:)

donauluft said...

great advice! I really have to look for a model, to photograph some of my jewelry .....

Elsa said...

Väga lahe kirjutis ja kõlab väga loogiliselt ;)
Mina võtan ikka aina ja aina hoogu, et asjad joonele saada... ja üha enam olen ma kimpus oma valitud "brändinimega", mis on kogemata sinu omaga väga sarnane saanud ;)
Põhihädaks pean tegelikult oma suutmatust end fokusseerida - mulle meeldivad liiga paljud asjad ja sisuliselt pean ma kolikambrit, mida võiks hellitavalt muidugi ka varakambriks pidada, eksole :D

Aga jube lahe on vaadata, kuidas sa oled ühtäkki tõesti nagu urust või teokarbist välja roninud ja väga sihipäraselt tegutsed :) Inspireeriv suisa ;)

Ann said...

Elsa, ma tänan soojade sõnade eest!
Tõttöelda olen ma siin kohapealses käsitööelus kogu aeg väga madalat profiili hoidnud ja end mingil määral autsaiderina tundnud. Aga kui ise suhtumist ei muuda, siis ilmselt ei tee seda teisedki :)
Identiteediküsimus painas mind pikalt, hetkel olen rahul :)

Omnia said...

Great tips, thanks so much for sharing! My gorgeous sister Anna (Mouse) is a never ending source of brilliant advice :)

Naomi xx

Rita alias alatvian said...

'Thank you so very much for sharing these great tips!

just B you said...

Great photos! It's reminding me that I've got to do some re-shoots! =)

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