Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to the present

I scared you off with the previous winter post, didn't I? :)

I must admit it's almost 30C in Estonia and I'm probably only one thinking of fall/winter season. Not because I wait it so much, but knitters like I am can't leave it to last minute either.

Today I left my knitting needles home and I've been searching for perfect summer dress on Etsy.
You know what's ironic about it? First dresses I saved to my list were all made in China.
I believe handmade items can be made in Asian countries too, but after seeing the photos and descriptions I'm not so sure if they are handmade, so just to be sure, I won't feature them here.I've read a lot about resellers on Etsy but until now I didn't think I've even seen any myself.

So the task was not as easy as I hoped, but I found several dresses I like and I want to share them with you.

Perfect orange and flower dress made by michalsclothes 

What about one like this for a evening coctail party? Made by dgiforvictory

Olive mix silk by cocoricoo

Silk dress by larimeloom 


kraplap said...

lovely choices ! The one from larimeloom is my favourite (if I were slim)...

KippysSoMature said...

Oh My !! What beautiful dresses!!!
my fav. by dgiforvictory -
but ALL are simply lovely!

happyment said...

Love the cocoricco dress! Hot summer and silk dress is a perfect match :)

Shanda said...

Oh my gosh. That second one is absolutely adorable! All of them are.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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