Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Moodboard: Green

1) LaLaShoes
2) Kirevi8
3) Artistico 
4) Lacravateduchien

I'm not going to write long. Why green? Because it's just a beautiful colour :)

See more moodboards on Fleurfatale's blog, and don't forget to turn volume on, because she has a great music playing there!

Since now you can comment without word verification in my blog. I know some people don't like to type those silly words to a box, so I just removed it.


Morrgan said...

Very pretty, I like the layout!

Anonymous said...

This is very subtle and lovely. Happy week ahead!

happyment said...

Beautiful picks!

Ayca HOSER said...

Such a great collection with greens !

Anna said...

Love the way you present your choices. Very nice!

Natasha said...

Your mood board is lovely and what a great idea too-thanks for sharing this with me! I must go and have a look at fleurfatales blog.

Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

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