Thursday, July 15, 2010

World famous designers love cable patterns

 Designers presented their Fall 2010 ready-to-wear collections while ago, but closer the season comes, more interesting the topic gets. As in previous years, I browsed some of collections and searched for knits. 
Didn't have to disappoint this time, world famous fashion designers still believe in knitting!  
Lot of them love cable patterns this year. You'll find designs with cables in ADAM's, D&G's and Tommy Hilfiger's rtw collections, while Michael Kors and Sonia Rykiel keep it more simple.  
D&G features a lot of knits in their show, with colourful Nordic patterns. 
You will find all collections at!
Michael Kors: 
Sonia Rykiel: 
Tommy Hilfiger: 


Star of the East said...

I always love fashion knits :)

donauluft said...

interesting post! love the D&G Dress!

Michelle said...

Oh yes,
autumn and Winter ahead,
get those wonderful knit wears :D

zsazsazsu said...

If I start knitting now .. maybe it will be finished by the end of the winter ;)

ira said...

Look fantastic Ann, should you start making something like these? I fancy that Kors design:)

Ann said...

Yes, Kors is great!
And I like D&G collection this year.
Should make something new, that's right :)

creationsbyeve said...

knitting is hot again!!Yehh!gorgeous picks!

Saretta said...

I love these knits! but I'm hopeless at knitting...thank goodness the designers are doing it for me! I have already picked out my new winter look by D&G.

Carrie K said...

W-O-W These look amazing! Such a beautiful craft.

LambAround said...

I must admit...many of these photos make me laugh, especially the girl with the gigantic ball on the side of her head. Ahh, I'm just too much of a simpleton :)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I love those big furry boots and the sweaters that match! What a great look.

Ann said...

Lamb, I so understand you, but it's fashion, it's often overrated :)))))
Take the ball off and it's not that bad any more.

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