Monday, July 19, 2010

Never too early to prepare for winter

First very important announcement:
TipJunkie is hosting mygiveaway on July 27th and then will be 3 winners! It lasts only 24 hours, so don't be late!

But even if it's +30C outside, I'm preparing for fall/winter season. 5 pairs of fingerless gloves are ready, more coming soon!
This morning I took some new photos of them. I don't have a good camera at the moment, but I can borrow one from work and I used this opportunity for pimping up my item photos.
I like to photograph in open air, because there's more light than in my tiny dark apartment, where sun shines only in the morning.
But it's hard to do it alone. My friend, who helped me with the photos by being my model, moved away for couple of months and I need to do it myself. I don't know anyone else to ask for help, but if here's someone from Pärnu, Estonia (still, most of my readers are local) and is willing to do it, please drop me a line! Small present is guaranteed :)

All gloves are listed to Etsy of course.


zsazsazsu said...

I love nbr 2 !

Erika Price said...

And I love number 3 !!!

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